Silent Strength

“The seeds of resilience are planted in the way we process the adversities we encounter in our lives.” Monica Kunzekweguta


Many people carry pain from broken relationships or rejection. This is often due to physical, emotional and mental abuse from their childhood. Others are victimized and bullied as adults in workplaces.
My intention in writing this book is to encourage everyone feeling discouraged by their circumstances, to understand that no situation is permanent. The oddities I faced may not be anywhere near what you have gone through or what you might be going through right now. At the time, my challenges also represented huge mountains for me.
I honor my scars. I think they are a huge part of everything I have become. My struggles helped me build what I call the "Resilience Muscle." Now I stand as a pillar for those who need my support. Resilience is the ability to recover from and adapt in the face of, stress, adversities or challenges. Life presents us with a lot of challenges at our work, homes, and schools.
Some scars are results of things that happen to us while we are still young. Yet, we bear these almost invisible scars in adulthood. Even though we sometimes appear like we have it all together, the pain usually remains buried in our subconscious. This might show up in various areas of our lives, for example, a grown man or woman second-guessing themselves and struggling to make decisions. A lot of us carry these negative traits such as doubt, lack of confidence and a general feeling of being undeserving of love. Despite having all the material things, you might struggle to find peace as there is a constant reminder of that you are undeserving.


Monica Kunzekweguta is a multiple best-selling International Author and compiler. She is a Certified Life Coach, International Speaker, and Mastermind facilitator. Owner of Act To Grow Coaching, Monica is a Life Enhancement Coach.


In Silent Strength, Monica shares her personal journey through life. This book details tough decisions she had to make to survive and pursue her dream. These stories have helped a lot of young men and women across the globe to find their strength. Resilience is a prerequisite for surviving the fast-paced work situations and ever-changing work environment we find ourselves. Resilience is not only needed to cope with life in general. It is also an essential attribute necessary for our professional lives as well.

Building a resilient attitude helps you break the cycle of rejection. You are also more likely to stop self-destructive habits. You will begin to feel the power of realizing your self-worth. Eventually, this would help you gain the courage to pursue your dreams. This book will show you how resilience is just like a muscle which needs developing. When challenges come, your awareness will help you through them without destroying who you are. The muscle will help build your confidence, self-worth and your determination to live your life and fulfill your purpose.


You will also learn that there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and your needs first. Selfishness will cease to be a negative label. This is because you can only serve well when you are physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

This book provides a powerful system to help you focus on the person who matters the most, YOU! Decision-making gets easier as you embark on this journey of silent strength. You will start to look at problems from a different perspective. Instead of being destroyed by a challenge, it will be your stepping stone to self-discovery, productivity, and inward peace.


Would you like to get a signed book copy, invite Monica to speak, Consult or Connect? Reach Monica through the channels provided here. 
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“Monica starts her book by stating that ‘resilience is like a muscle which needs developing’. It is a true statement and an angle I had not thought of until I read her book. As Monica recounts the events, which in their intensity sound like a Steven Spielberg screenplay more than today's reality, I couldn't stop but feel empowered and inspired. Throughout the narration of her personal journey, Monica shows others, using equal parts of drama and humor, that we are not a result of our environment but rather of our choices. She herself made the choice to fight a predetermined future; she took numerous risks, was resilient in achieving her goals, and is now an inspiration to thousands of women.”


“Silent Strength shows that YOU and YOUR LIFE matter the most. Monica showed her crucial decision making in ‘Escape from kidnapping zone.’ She demonstrated that we should take control of our life, and not be submissive to authority, community or custom, even to our parents and let them decide our life when it does not align with our own values. I applaud her for her courage and her love to share her stories with the world, so her messages can awaken many women, who are silently oppressed. The delivery of each story is designed to be impactful, starting with her personal story, having a connection to today’s dilemma which people are facing."


This story shows that we all have a message, we can all inspire people we might never meet in person and we should all do our very best to show respect to our fellow human beings. Whether we do or don’t, is a direct reflection on OUR character. A stunning and touching personal story where resilience plays a major part.
Monica has not only opened her heart and soul to inspire others but also given helpful guidelines in a thought-provoking way. Although it is very much about women and their struggles, I am convinced there are many men, I included, who can learn from this and, at a time where gender equality is becoming more and more prevalent, we would do well to realize that this is not about women but all human beings.


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